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For many years The Jackson Singers have been performing with great success all over Europe, on tours, as part of festivals, at open air concerts as well as in churches, cathedrals or opera houses. Big TV showmasters such as Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff, Alfred Biolek and Thomas Gottschalk have invited them for their programs.

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<<Gospel Emotions>>
Gospel & Spiritual Songs in Concert

In their unique gospel performances the Jackson Singers reach out to an enthusiastic public with the messages of love, joy and passion.

The magic word gospel attracts thousands of people of all ages. It is considered to be the origin of American black music and the Jackson Singers` rendition is full of charm, contagious cheerfulness and unrestrained joy.

Part of the success is due to their broad repertoire reaching from spirituals and gospel songs such as "Kumbajah", "Motherless Child" or "Oh Happy Day" to religious ballads and pop ballads with religious slants. They sing about the Battle of Jericho as well as about the Last Judgment Day in "When the Saints go Marching in". The harmony of the soloists is overwhelming and the sound combinations create an atmosphere that is dense, prickling, almost electrifying, leaving no one untouched.


Soul & Gospel Gala

The Jackson Singers have become world famous thanks to their regularly sold out gospel concerts, and they are highly welcome guest performers at great jazz festivals, summer happenings, openair concerts and other cultural events.

Their emotionally moving concert repertoires are not restricted to Christmas seasons, with their many world hits they are just as ready for festivals and concert programs: from Louis Armstrong`s "What a wonderful Wrld", Michael Jackson`s "We are the World" and Bob Dylan`s "Blowing in the Wind" to Gershwin`s "Summertime" and "Ol`Man River". Of course, their program also includes "Oh Happy Day", "Precious Lord", "Amazing Grace" and other true gospel and spiritual songs.



<<Black Music Experience>>
"From Spiritual to Swing in Song and Music"

The music tells the story of black people since the beginning of slavery in the 16th century, and it has never ceased to represent the past, to bring hope and to tell of the struggles which were the fate of black musicians and singers.

Blues, Jazz and Rock'n'Roll - all of them musical styles created by Afroamericans. Blues are the essence and origin of jazz, gospel and negro spirituals are the essence and origin of blues. The Jackson Singers interpret the familiar, often deeply sad and yet hopeful melodies with rare, powerful joyfulness.

Their musical land of milk and honey (Kieler Nachrichten) contains treasures from "Glory Glory Halleluja" to " Down By The Riverside" and "Elijah Rock", from Billie Holiday`s "God Bless The Child" to Aretha Franklin`s " Amazing Grace", from Louis Armstrongs "What A Wonderful World" to Duke Ellingtons "Satin Doll". Their versions of George Gershwin`s world famous opera debut "Summertime" has conquered the heart of the public just as much as the musical hit "Ol`Man River" and Simon and Garfunkel`s pop ballad "Bridge over Troubled Waters".

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