Amazing Gospel
Black Gospel, emotions, contagious laughter, joy of life, unparalleled authenticity.
New songs and refined vocal arrgangements are the Jackson Singers' way of thanking their great Europe audience - again an unforgettable experience.

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Who are the Jackson Singers?
Bob Jackson founded the group in 1983. "We express brotherly love through gospel music, inspired by two universally recognized sources: The Holy Bible... and music". more »

Live CD

CD "Best of 20 Years"
Big thanks to you - the audience: the breand new CD „Best of 20 Years“, featuring the favorite Gospel Songs of the last years.
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The Jackson Singers - Magnify The Lord
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Jackson Singers Gospel Emotions

The Gospel Story
Spirituals were the first songs of the slaves on the cotton fields. It is the origin of gospel music as still used in church services.
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