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CD 3253 (2016)
Amaz­ing World of Gospel

Preis: EUR/CHF 25.-
1. Every Praise
2. I Go To The Rock
3. I Opened My Mouth To The Lord
4. Amaz­ing Grace
5. Joy To The World
6. Jack­son-Tonettes Medley
7. Silent Night
8. King Jesus Is A List’nin
9. Go Tell It On The Mountain10. Safe In His Arms
11. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
12. Jesus Promised
13. Sing Prais­es To Thee
CD3252 (2009)
Best of 20 years

Preis: EUR/CHF 25.-
1. Amaz­ing Grace
2. Can‘t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
3. Last Month Of The Year
4. Pre­cious Lord Take My Hand
5. Ole Time Religion
6. I Shall wear A Crown
7. Steal Away
8. Moth­er­less Child
9. Bridge Over Trou­bled Water
10. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
11. Oh When The Saints Go March­ing In
12. Oh Hap­py Day
CD3251 (2005)
Christ­mas Live

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1. Silent Night (Lead Vocal: Sabry­nah Pope )
2. O Come All Ye Faithfull
3. Go Tell It On The Mountain
4. Going Up Yonder
5. God Rest Ye Mer­ry Gentlemen
6. Joy To The World
7. Have Your­self A Mer­ry Lit­tle Christmas
8. Amen
9. Hap­py Day
CD 3250 (2004)
Spir­i­tu­al Inspiration

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1. On Time God
2. Bridge Over Trou bled Water
3. Jesus Will Fix It
4. Mag­ni­fy The Lord
5. Soon I Will Be Done »Sam­ple
6. Ole Time Religion
7. I’m On My Way To Canaanland
8. Blow­ing In The Wind
9. Amaz­ing Grace
10. Glo­ry Glo­ry »Sam­ple
11. This Lit­tle Light Of Mine »Sam­ple
12. Don’t Let Nobody Turn Around
CD 3249 (2002)

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1. Soon And Very Soon
2. Hush — Somebody’s Call­ing My Name
3. What A Won­der­full World
4. Eli­jah Rock
5. Walk With Me
6. Wade In The Water
7. Summertime
8. Song For My Father
9. Lean On Me
10. Down By The Riverside
11. Mag­ni­fy The Lord
CD 3248 (2001)
Amaz­ing Gospel

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1. Glo­ry Glory
2. Lean­ing On The Ever­last­ing Arms
3. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
4. You’ve Got To Move
5. How Great Thou Art
6. Amaz­ing Grace
7. Sign Me Up
8. Going On The Yonder
9. Real Good
10. Lean On Me
11. Oh When The Saints Go March­ing In
12. Oh Hap­py Day / Gospel Session
CD 3247 (1999)
Cen­tu­ry Celebration

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1. I’m A Pilgrim
2. Trou­bles In My Way
3. Pre­cious Lord Take My Hand
4. Some­times I Feel Like A Moth­er­less Child
5. Jesus
6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
7. Do, Lord, Remem­ber Me
8. Were Your There
9. Ezek’el Saw The Wheel
10. Over My Head
11. Michael, Row The Boat Ashore
12. Amaz­ing Grace
13. Last Month Of The Year
CD 3246 (1998)
It’s Church-Time

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1. Put Your Hands In The Hands Of The Man
2. Glo­ry, Glo­ry Halleluja
3. Stand By Me
4. Bat­tle Hymn Of The Republic
5. Bat­tle Hymn Of The Repub­lic / Finale
6. Hush, Hush, Somebody’s Call­ing My Name
7. Passe Me Not, O Gen­tle Savior
8. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
9. The Storm Is Pass­ing Over
10. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
11. If We Ever Need­ed The Lord Before
12. Amen
CD 3245 (1997)
The Soul of Gospel

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1. Kum­ba­ja
2. In The Upper Room
3. I’m On My Way To Canaanland
4. This Lit­tle Light Of Mine
5. God Has Smiled On Me
6. If It Had Not Been For The Lord
7. Pre­cious Lord
8. Good News
9. Over My Head I Hear Music In The Air
10. Wade In The Water
11. Jesus Is On The Mainline
12. Amaz­ing Grace
13. Sweet Sweet Spirit
14. Nobody Knows The Trou­ble I’ve Seen
15. Soon And Very Soon
CD 3244 (1996)
Ole Time Religion

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1. That Man Walk­ing On The River
2. Down By The Riverside
3. Trou­bles In My Way
4. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
5. Roll Jor­dan Roll
6. Kum Ba Ja My Lord
7. Hush, Somebody’s Call­ing My Name
8. Lis­ten To The Rain
9. Steal Away
10. Ride On, King Jesus
11. Go Tell It On The Mountain
12. Ole Time Religion
13. I Shall Wear A Crown
14. Get Right Church
15. Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
CD 3243 (1994)
Live In Concert

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1. O When The Saints Go Marchin’ In
2. O Hap­py Day
3. In The Upper Room
4. Roc­ka My Soul In The Bosom Of Abraham
5. Josua Fit The Bat­tle Of Jericho
6. Wade In The Water
7. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
8. Amaz­ing Grace
9. Yes, God Is Real
10. I’ve Got Shoes
11. Go Down To The River
12. O How Beau­ti­ful It Is Today Just To Be Alive
13. Hal­lelu­ja, Amen
14. Announcement
15. Sign Me Up For The Chris­t­ian Jubilee
16. Glo­ry, Glo­ry, Halleluja
17. The Bat­tle Hymn Of The Republic

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